Free Consultation

To best assure quality and efficiency during project development and management, we offer a free consultation. The goal of the consultation is to obtain a clear understanding of project tasks, budgets, and deadlines.

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Software Training

To better prepare people for current and future office software technologies, we offer and take requests for development workshops. Workshops cover softwares: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suites, Windows OS, and Mac OS.

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Equipment Training

For people interested in media production and would like one on one training, we offer affordable one on one training sessions.

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Graphic Design

Let us develop your print ads for postcards, brochures, banners, billboards, DVD inserts, etc.

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Let us located your target audience and develop and implement your marketing strategies. Themes, slogans, logos, and media ads are tested in multiple focus groups. Project finals are altered according to testing and delivered for placement.

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Allow us to capture the best sides of you. Our photography services covers: Event Coverage, Portfolio, Landscaping, Fashion, Journalism, Class, Street, etc.

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Audio Engineering

We pride ourselves in quality audio capturing and engineering. Our audio services cover: Beat Composing, Artist Audio Capturing, and Mixing, Field Audio Capturing, Foley, etc.

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Video Production

We provide high-quality low costing video production. Our video production services

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Web Development

Our professional websites are developed to show your business in the best light possible. We develop of sites on top of a CMS platform to allow for easy client updates. We also offer one on one client site management training and website management packages.

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