Broken: Confessions of a Codependent Man

Codependent Confessions

“Codependency is a terrible behavioral disorder that can wreak havoc on your self-esteem while destroying you emotionally and physically. Codependents cleave to other dysfunctional people and try to fix them—to no avail. In the end, the codependent is left feeling shattered and worthless. Meanwhile, the target of the codependent’s intermeddling remains just as dysfunctional as before the relationship began.”

– Wesley Brown

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Broken tells the story of how this co-dependency was displayed in one’s man’s life. In this author debut, Wesley Brown bravely gives readers a glimpse into his life and details how he was able to overcome codependency in order to live a rich and fulfilled life full of love and acceptance and free from toxic relationships.

In these pages, readers wanting help with codependency will find tips, reflection exercises and poetry that will motivate, guide, and inspire true and lasting change.

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