Websites are built on top of the WordPress platform. (What is WordPress)

MrWesleyBrown doesn’t host and design doesn’t cover hosting, however, we offer to host through our partner company (click to open) ($50/yr)

1. Layout Selection

– Several Layouts are sent to the client. The client selects the layout closest to their ideal site direction.

2. Layout Customization

– The layout is taken apart and customized to fit the image and branding of the client.

3. Adding Content

– The client’s images, graphics, and information are added into the site

4. Update Management Training

– One on one training is offered to the client for website management

$650 – Economic Package
– 7 pages (Home – About – Services – Blog – Contact)

$800 – Basic Online Store Package
– 7 pages
– Website Store

$1200 – Membership Package
– 7 pages
– Membership Site

$1300 – Basic Membership and Store Package
– 7 pages
– Website Store
– Membership

*Customized Packages Available

Non-payment leads to contract termination. If the site goes down after termination, MrWesleyBrown is not responsible.

Updates are hourly rated at $25/hr